Safety & Progress While Accomplishing Your Health & Fitness Goals

We believe that the outcomes of life are in your control. Our purpose is to assist you with your health and fitness goals so that you are empowered to live the life you desire. Hiking, mountain climbing, snorkeling, scuba diving, whatever you desire, it’s possible if you are healthy and fit. We ensure you move functionally and train at your fitness level. Every class is customized to your level of intensity for safe progression to your desired goal.


We accomplish this by first doing a fitness assessment that determines your fitness capacity. We use 15 assessments to establish your fitness capacity. Then, you are provided with a clear overview of 32 different rankings that measure functional fitness movements, absolute and relative strength, aerobic capacity, and lactic acidic tolerance.

In addition, every athlete is provided with state-of-the-art software to track and monitor their progress with the assistance of our coaches. That way you see your progress and you are in control


Your Fitness GPS



We start by teaching you how to move well, and during that process collect data to get a precise indication of your current fitness level. Beginners may be asked to do something as simple as walk 200 meters, or sit to a chair and stand up 5 times. People with a fitness background may be asked to run a mile for time, or do a one minute squat test. Either way, the tests are designed to meet you where you are NOW. 




Based on your assessments, all of your workouts are tailored to your specific needs when you are in class.  Meetings are scheduled with your coach to discuss where you struggled the most, and some high fives are given in the areas you crushed it.  We create a realistic game plan designed specifically to address the problem areas and leave you feeling confident and moving forward. 



We assess fifteen different physical capacities three times a year, and without fail, every single time you will LEVEL UP! The best part is that you are leveling up surrounded by your friends cheering you on and the most important you get to see your progress. Your results are the driving force behind our Level Method program and we can not wait to be a part of YOUR success! 


A Proving System for All Levels of Fitness 

The system we use is called Level Method.  It has a progression that has safety built into its core . These rules are perfect for beginner athletes and those new to functional fitness and CrossFit. New athletes will not do anything they are not ready for and will move as fast or slow as they choose.